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Meet Your Orthodontic Team

Nicole, Scheduling/Insurance Coordinator

Nicole is originally from Chicago, and she’s been working in dentistry for three years and counting. She joined the Jones Orthodontics team in 2017, and her work team already feels just like family! Everyone works hard and has each other’s backs no matter what. Plus, Dr. Jones is hilarious and makes the whole office feel warm and inviting. Her positive attitude and multi-tasking talent make her a great fit for her position.

Outside of work, Nicole loves spending time with her dog Balto and being a gym rat. She also goes to concerts whenever she has the free time.

Rebecca, Treatment Coordinator

Rebecca first joined our team in 2017, but her experience in dentistry spans over a decade, allowing her to communicate at a high clinical and professional level. She also loves meeting new people and being a part of so many amazing orthodontic journeys through her job! Dr. Jones is unlike any doctor she’s ever worked with in the best way. His compassionate, friendly, and hardworking personality is unmatched, and the rest of the team is amazing as well, making the work environment fun and exciting on a daily basis. What’s not to love?

Originally from Southside, Rebecca now lives in Bucktown. She has a boyfriend and a dog named Opie at home. Her hobbies include spending quality time with family, traveling, and being a big bookworm.

Kristine, Clinical Assistant

Kristine is a Chicago native and has been working in the dental field for 17 years now. As a city girl, she loves the hustle and bustle of her work and also being around people of all different ages and backgrounds. The entire team works so well together, and Dr. Jones is both a great doctor and an awesome person. Her time spent at the office hardly feels like work!

Whenever she has free time, Kristine enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She also loves traveling.

Marilyn, Clinical Assistant

Marilyn is our newest team member, and her experience in dentistry spans 16 years and counting. Her favorite part of this job is getting to not only share her passion for creating beautiful smiles, but also work alongside such an amazing doctor and team. She loves meeting new people!

Marilyn is from Chicago and spends plenty of time with her two teenage sons outside of work. She also enjoys going to concerts and being a foodie.