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Phase I Pediatric Orthodontics

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, many parents assume that their child doesn’t need to have their smile evaluated until all of their “baby” teeth are gone and the permanent teeth have settled into place. However, this is incorrect. Here in Chicago, Dr. Corey Jones strongly recommends that young patients be brought in for an initial consultation around the age of seven. By this time, your child’s mouth has enough sound structure that a trained orthodontist can determine the potential development of their permanent teeth that have yet to emerge, and our team may recommend Phase I pediatric orthodontist treatment in order to ensure more successful and longer-lasting results. Please contact us today to schedule a visit! We look forward to meeting you and your family.

assistant working on patientHow Does Phase I Treatment Work?

If we determine that undergoing Phase I pediatric orthodontics is right for your child after an in-depth consultation, treatment will begin right away while they still have many of their primary teeth. Orthodontic appliances will be used to both intercept current problems with the jaw and alignment of the teeth and to prevent issues that have a likelihood of developing later in life. By being able to guide the development of your son or daughter’s smile from an early age, we can ensure a smoother, more successful treatment process.

Here are some of the goals our team may hope to accomplish with Phase I treatment:

  • Improve the ability to bite and chew
  • Create an improved arrangement of the teeth, lips, and/or face
  • Better shape jawbone growth so that the teeth are more likely to come in well-aligned
  • Decrease the risk that protruded front teeth will experience breakage
  • Establish stability for teeth so that there’s a higher chance they won’t gradually move out of position

Cross bite, overcrowding, abnormal spacing, teeth emerging out of sequence, missing teeth, underbite, overbite, and other orthodontic concerns may benefit from multiple-phase care.

patient talking to assistantWhat Happens During Phase II?

Phase II treatment will take place after all or most of your child’s adult teeth have fully emerged into their smile. The goals we hope to accomplish with Phase II treatment include the following:

  • Permanent teeth will be shifted into their final, ideal positions
  • Oral function will continue to be improved to its highest potential
  • Your child’s facial appearance and self-confidence are bolstered

By being able to coordinate treatment with the stages of your child’s dental development, Dr. Jones can make the experience much simpler and satisfying for them. On average, patients who undergo Phase I and Phase II treatment are likely to have longer-lasting results they can enjoy for many years to come. Better yet, Dr. Jones and the rest of our Chicago, IL team makes every effort to treat children like they’re a member of our oral healthcare family, listening to their concerns and giving them plenty of friendly support in return so that they can always feel good about visiting us for appointments. We look forward to seeing their beautiful, confident smile flourish over the years!